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Parking Lot Repair


Parking Lot Repair in Tampa Florida - Commercial Construction in FloridaParking lots need to be in prime condition at all times since they are always subjected to heavy loads and exposed to extreme weather conditions. If neglected, they will become eyesores and even become safety hazards to vehicle owners. Business owners could also lose prospects and existing customers just because of poorly maintained parking areas.

Avoid such problems by calling a parking lot maintenance specialist today. If you are located in Tampa, Florida please call J. K. Diversified Construction & Development Corp. We are Tampas's most trusted contractor handling repair and maintenance of paved surfaces. We can work on asphalt parking lots with outstanding results. We are confident about this claim because we have been in this industry for decades.

We service Residential Driveways in Tampa, Naples, Miami, Boca Raton, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and south Florida.

For Commercial Parking Lots, we service Tampa, Naples, Miami, Boca Raton, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and south Florida.

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Just like any area in a commercial property, a parking lot needs regular maintenance. It is better to conduct preventive maintenance rather than addressing the problems when they've already worsened. Identifying issues early on will help property owners avoid the high cost of parking lot maintenance.

Parking Lot Repairs in Tampa Florida - J. K. Diversified Construction & Development Corp.

When you hire J. K. Diversified Construction & Development Corp., we will conduct a detailed assessment to pinpoint areas that need to be repaired. Other signs that we look into when doing parking lot repairs are the following:

  • Potholes
  • Grade Depressions
  • Raveling
  • Transverse Cracks
  • Longitudinal Cracks
  • Minor Block Cracks

The usual recommendation for these issues and problems is patching. Our team will fill the affected areas with hot asphalt mix and compact them using appropriate tools and equipment. We ensure that the deteriorated asphalt is removed, the base is properly leveled and compacted, and the right thickness of asphalt is added. We do this systematically to ensure proper adhesion of the asphalt mix. With this system, our clients are always assured of successful and clean parking lot repairs.


J. K. Diversified Construction & Development Corp. can also work on parking lot sealing. This is an important process that property owners should not neglect. The application of seal coating will protect the pavement from the harsh elements and help prolong the service of the paved surface.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa Florida - J. K. Diversified Construction & Development Corp.

Accordingly, we only use premium products for our parking lot sealing projects. After the initial application, we recommend another application after 12 months to ensure maximum protection.

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There are cases when a simple parking lot maintenance job will not bring back the integrity of the surface and safety in the area. When these happen, we recommend a complete blacktop repair. This is a more cost-effective method compared to repairing various areas in the parking lot.

Patching Parking Lots in Dallas Repairs - Patching Repairs - NIS Construction Inc. & General Contractors Dallas

We offer two options for our clients: we can strip the old asphalt paving and apply a new one or resurface it. The first method is a bit expensive but owners are assured that it will last for several years without requiring major repair and maintenance. Meanwhile, asphalt resurfacing is preferred by some clients because the project is completed fast and at a lower cost.

With our complete blacktop repair, a parking lot will not only become an attractive and functional area but will also provide years of service for the property owners and their guests or clients.


At J. K. Diversified Construction & Development Corp., we're experts on the various maintenance needs of commercial parking lots. We've already maintained some of the biggest parking lots in Tampa, Florida – from service stations, office buildings, shopping malls, apartment complexes, educational institutions, and even parking lots for industrial facilities.

For reliable and comprehensive parking lot maintenance services, contact J. K. Diversified Construction & Development Corp. Today.

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